Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Ryli

Riding home in the car today I could hear Ryli's little, sweet voice singing to herself while looking out the window. "Hooray, Hooray I'm a first grader today!" OUCH... That's right family & friends, my precious baby girl, my Rockin' Ryli - graduated from Kindergarten today. Although I am so proud of her, something inside of me is screaming to find a way to freeze time. While she's walking around the house showing the neighbors her diploma - I'm counting down the hours til bedtime so I can cry myself to sleep.

Overreacting? Nope, I don't think so....

I love you Ryli - Hooray, Hooray - you're a first grader today!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good to Know....

Have you experienced crazy credit card rates? Me too.

Towards the end of 2008, new regulations were passed that offer much improved protection for consumers from some historically questionable practices.
A great summary of the new regulations is contained in this press release from Consumer's Union:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 — New rules adopted by the Office of Thrift Supervision today will help protect consumers from certain abusive credit card lending practices that can result in excessive fees and interest rate charges. The rules were developed in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Board and National Credit Union Administration, which are expected to adopt the same regulations later today. The new regulations will go into effect on July 1, 2010.
“Millions of families have been stung by unfair credit card practices that trap them in debt and make it harder to make ends meet,” said Gail Hillebrand, Consumers Union Financial Services Campaign Manager. “When these rules finally go into effect, they will help protect consumers from being gouged by credit card companies and make it easier for families to manage their finances during these tough economic times.” While praising the new protections, Consumers Union criticized the 18 month delay before consumers finally get relief.

Some of the highlights of these new rules ( remember that they don't go into effect until July 1st, 2010 ):
Stops credit card companies from raising interest rates on funds already borrowed unless those funds were borrowed on a card with a variable rate, or the minimum payment was late by more than 30 days

Prohibits credit card companies from levying a late fee if the bill was mailed to the consumer fewer than 21 days prior to the due date.

Protects new cardholders by barring interest rate hikes during the first year after an account is opened. In the first year, the only way they can raise the rates is if they disclose the impending rate hike when the account is opened.

Requires payments to be allocated in a fair way across credit card balances with different interest rates. This most commonly occurs when your card balance is a mix of purchases made during a 0% or other promotional period, or if some of the balance is from a cash advance. With the new laws, the payments must be applied to the highest interest balance or in a proportial manner by balance.

Prohibits credit card companies from charging interest on amounts already paid, through two cycle billing. With two-cycle billing, the credit card company uses two months to calculate the average daily balance, which creates a distinct advantage for them. Discover Card is one company that follows this practice.

Restrics the financing of fees on credit cards such that the fees or deposits use up the majority of the available credit on the account.

Of course, there's no free lunch, so credit card companies will certainly find a way to recoup the lost revenue from these practices via higher interest rates, new fees, or some other new scheme.
Hopefully, however, these new regulations will make it easier for consumers to see where their money is going.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Circle of Friends!

Gymboree is having their "Circle of Friends" sale! I've got my eye on this cute little number for the girls. Hat and all!

30% off everything (even sale items)
May 14th - 17th, 2009
use code: GYMFAMILY at checkout

Today was a good day. We hung out and played in the water. Laundry piled up and dirty dishes in the sink didn't stop us!
We had so much fun...My babies will remember days like these, they could care less if the house is a mess!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm an H

Once I became 30 something and had my third & final baby girl - I went through a little identity crises. Okay - who am I kidding. I'm still going through it. Too old and with too much loose skin for most of the trends today ( short shorts and halter tops) but still to young to shop at the women's section and JC Penny's, I was lost!

I came across this web-site.

It takes a few minuets to fill out but even with children climbing all over me asking for chocolate milk -I was able to complete it. Much to my surprise, I 'm an H!

The site has good information and really cute clothes. I'll pick out an outfit and try to duplicate it on my budget and although I'm still struggling with my body image but I'm feeling kinda cute these days!

RITE OF PASSAGE: From little girl to mommy's Big girl!

Today is a special day for my Ryli. She woke up this morning to discover that she had lost her very first tooth! She already has plans for her tooth fairy money! Hug them tight...they grow so fast!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Dear Lord, it's such a hectic day

With little time to stop and pray

For life's been anything but calm

Since You called on me to be a mom

Running errands, matching socks

Building dreams with building blocks

Cooking, cleaning, and finding shoes

And other stuff that children lose

Fitting lids on bottled bugs

Wiping tears and giving hugs

A stack of last weeks mail to read

So where's the quiet time I need?

Yet when I steal a minute, Lord Just at the sink or ironing board

To ask the blessings of Your grace I see then, in my small one's face

That you have blessed me All the while

And I stop to kiss That precious smile

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swimsuit Saga

What is up with this?

Let's cover-up the front but accentuate my a&$....

I'm 30 something, mother of three and although I do work out regularly - my body looks like a science experiment. I'm skinny in some places, lumpy in others but I don't think I'm unique. Matter -of -fact, I think lots of moms share in my swimsuit dilemma.

So the question is -Why is there not a suit made especially for moms like me! A complete MOM line of suits that specialize in hiding our birthing hips, lifting our deflated breast and sucking in our tummies...Oh and the catch is that it has to be cute too. I don't want large Hawaiian flowers plasterd all over it either. Is this asking too much?

For Mothers Day when asked what I wanted I said a full day of childless swimsuit shopping...I AM on a mission. So if you see me at the pool or water park and I'm sporting my new suit (which I'm sure I settled on) help a sister out...Just compliment me please. Tell me how good I look...lie if you have to. I'd do it for you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

If stay-at-home moms got paid, they'd make six figures

This will be my stand the next time my husband complains about the never ending pile of dirty laundry......

If stay-at-home moms got paid, they'd make six figures: "This year, the annual salary for a stay-at-home mom would be $116,805, while a working mom who also juggles an outside job would get $68,405 for her motherly duties.

One stay-at-home mom said the six-figure salary sounds a little low.
'I think a lot of people think we sit at home and have a lot of fun and don't do a lot of work,' said Samantha Russell, a Fremont, N.H., mother who left her job as a pastry chef to raise two boys, ages 2 and 4. 'But they should try cleaning their house with little kids running around and messing it up right after them.'
The biggest factor in a mom's theoretical salary is the amount of overtime pay she'd receive for working more than 40 hours a week.

The 18,000 moms surveyed about their typical week reported working 94.4 hours - meaning they'd be spending more than half their working hours on overtime.

Working moms reported an average 54.6-hour 'mom workweek' besides the hours they spent at paying jobs."