Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things I Lost In The Fire.

When I was six, our house caught on fire... A faulty electrical outlet had caused us to loose everything we had and we didn't have much to begin with. At the time, I remember being upset because the fire had claimed my strawberry shortcake dolls. (you know the ones that actually smell like strawberries) I never realized the impact that fire would have on me till years later - not until I started to have my own babies. See, the fire not only took my strawberry shortcake collection, it took all of my baby pictures as well.

On a recent visit from my aunt, she handed me an envelope filled with baby pictures! I was so overwhelmed with emotions..It was the first time my girls had ever seen me as a baby. Confirmation that my children actually looked like me. Oh and yes...I do still miss my strawberry shortcake dolls!

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